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What Ages Is It For?


A-wanna Bees:  2 year olds

 A-wana Bees is curriculum designed for two year old boys and girls.  The program is a bible-based curriculum that focuses on the nine Fruits of the Spirit and Jesus' helpers.  Each week the children will learn one Bible concept that will be reinforced through a Bible story, craft, music, and play time.


 Cubbies: 3-4 year olds

 In Cubbies, children learn respect for God and others through puppet shows, games, simple Scripture memory and Bible lessons. Cubbies learn basic foundational truths about God and Jesus.


 Sparks: Kindergarten - 2nd grade

In Sparks, children in kindergarten to second grade learn a foundation for biblical wisdom through memory verse drills, crafts, activities, and review of key doctrine and Bible facts. Sparks employs a flight theme centered on a key character, Sparky, a firefly.

 T&T: 3rd - 6th grade

 In T&T, clubbers in grades 3rd - 6th are equipped to answer key questions about their faith such as "Who is God?" and "How does He want me to live?" Our goal is to teach clubbers grace in their relationships. Third and fourth graders participate in Ultimate Adventure, a sea and space exploration theme.  Fifth and sixth graders participate in Ultimate Challenge, an adventure in archaeology and canyon camping.

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