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Sunday School

Evergreen Church offers a wide variety of Sunday School classes. We invite you to attend and become involved in our active Sunday School Program.

Currently, we are going through a practical study in the book of James.  The epistles are collectively known as the General Epistles. Below is a list of the classes that we offer.  You may also visit our Welcome Center where a Greeter can better assist you in finding the class that is right for you each member of your family.

  • Infants: Age 0 - 8 months
  • Crawlers: Age 9 - 15 months
  • Toddlers: Age 16 - 23 months
  • Junior Boys: 2 - 11 years old
  • Junior Girls: 2 - 11 years old
  • Teens: 7th - 12th Grades
  • The Journey: Couples 20-35
  • Willing Workers: Men over 40
  • Ladies Bible Class: Ladies Over 50
  •  The Journey: This Sunday School class is taught by our pastor and is geared for new converts as well as those who are considering joining our church family!

For additional information, please visit our Welcome Center or contact our Church Office via eMail or at 423.743.9441

910 Hoback St. Erwin, TN 37650

info@evergreenfwb.com 423.743.9441