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Evergreen Church is a church of growth! We are growing together...

Through Preaching
The preaching and teaching of the Holy Bible is the focal point of all we do at Evergreen Church. We believe that the Bible holds all the answers to all of man's problems and that outside of the Word of God, there can be no growth for a Christian. Our pulpit is filled with strong preaching and teaching that relies on the whole counsel of God.

Through Worship

Each service at Evergreen is designed to provide believers of all ages opportunities to worship the living God. Although music plays an important role in the services at Evergreen, there are many ways we worship. Whether through tithes and offerings, singing, praying, all of our worship is done in an effort to give thanks to the Lord and to prepare our hearts for the changes that come from hearing the Word of God proclaimed in every service.

Through Serving

At Evergreen Church, there is a great emphasis placed on providing opportunities to grow spiritually no matter your age or background. That is why we provide many opportunities throughout the week to worship and learn from the Word of God. There are also many opportunities for each member of your family to serve and become involved.

The Purpose of Evergreen Church is to...See people saved...See them baptized...
& Teach them how the Bible says they should live

910 Hoback St. Erwin, TN 37650

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