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Awana Clubs

 Awana stands for Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed


 Our Ministry...


  •  Our ministry is dedicated to the task of directing kids to Jesus Christ by providing the kind of love, acceptance, example and teaching that is necessary to help each child discover their potential in Christ.
  •  Our desire is to consistently provide an atmosphere in which every student can begin to make responsible decisions for Christ.
  •  Our commitment is to provide a safe secure environment for learning about Jesus, well qualified and trained teachers who love and understand kids, and a strong foundation in the Word of God.

 5 Principles of Awana...

  •  Principle # 1: Awana Is Centered on the Gospel
  •  Principle #2: Scripture Memory is Key
  •  Principle # 3: Awana is Fun and Exciting
  •  Principle # 4: Children and Youth Are Trained To Serve
  •  Principle # 5: Awana is Built On Strong Leadership 

910 Hoback St. Erwin, TN 37650

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